Lab Tests Online Australasia (LTOAU) is now Pathology Tests Explained (PTEX).

At the moment, the change is only one of name and the content of the website remains the same as that of LTOAU but over the coming months expect to see new information added and some big changes made.

We are planning exciting new resources that will be put into effect throughout 2022. You will see new content, more graphics, videos, and animations. Our aim is to help all Australians understand the pathology tests they are having so that they can take part in the decisions being made about their healthcare.

Importantly, we will continue to be an accurate and up-to-date, evidence-based information source where the content is prepared and reviewed by pathology professionals and is entirely free of any commercial influence. We look forward to your continuing visits in 2022 and beyond.
Why the change?
LTO was established more than 20 years ago by the American Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACC) as a global network.  Australia joined in 2007 when the Australasian Association of Biochemistry (AACB) took on the responsibility of managing the LTOAU website and writing new Australian-focused content.

Early in 2021, LTO was acquired by OneCare Media. OneCare will continue to run the American entity while allowing the international organisations to develop independently.
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