Farewell and welcome: Our Chief Medical Editor Dr Bruce Campbell for 13 years signs off

Dr Rob Bird becomes new Chief Medical Editor of LTOAU

Dr Bruce Campbell has been our Chief Medical Editor from the time we launched in August 2007. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.  Bruce has helped steer our content direction and played the key role of reviewing all our scientific information to ensure it is accurate and up to date. He has also answered many thousands of your enquiries and contributed new articles as well as a monthly news item.

Prior to taking on the LTOAU role, Bruce had not long taken early retirement from his role as a Pathologist-in-Charge of Biochemistry at Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology in Brisbane. When plans were made to launch LTOAU Bruce’s first task was to coordinate and review the conversion of Lab Tests Online UK content to reflect Australian practice. Many of his former colleagues at S & N helped with this task and many continue to contribute to LTOAU on a regular basis.
Through Bruce’s leadership, LTOAU now has information on all tests that are reimbursed in the Medical Benefits Schedule as well as many other unique content pieces some of which have been shared with our partner LTO organisations in other countries. Over his 13 years as editor, the readership has reached more than two million per year. Another testament to his success is that the number of complaints about our content can be counted on the fingers of one hand over the 13 year time span.

Bruce has combined his LTOAU role with an extensive travel itinerary and pursuing other interests including the writing of children’s books with his wife Frances. And of course if there is one activity that might make Bruce happier than editing LTOAU it would be being on a surfboard as this picture indicates.


At LTOAU we are all proud to have worked alongside Bruce and we wish him well in his new form of retirement.

We also welcome a new Chief Medical Editor, Dr Rob Bird.  Rob is Director of Haematology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. He was haematology laboratory Director from 2004 to 2018 and has been in the role as service director for the past 2 years. Rob’s specific interests are autoimmune cytopenias, although his practice encompasses the scope of diseases seen at a large metropolitan teaching hospital. His previous appointments include Chief Examiner in Haematology for the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and Chairman of the Haematology Joint Training Committee, RACP/RCPA.

Advisory Board | ITP Australia


Rob has had an ongoing interest in the communication of pathology information to the public and is keen to make the information we provide accessible to all Australians.

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